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EUTOS for CML is a unique collaboration between the European LeukemiaNet and Novartis Oncology in Europe

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The EUropean Treatment Outcome Study (EUTOS) is a collaboration between the European LeukemiaNet ELN and Novartis started in June 2007 running initially for 3 years to improve understanding of CML, promote best practise, and enhance treatment outcomes, through 4 key projects:

  • CML registry
  • Molecular monitoring
  • Path to cure
  • Spread of excellence

The initial collaboration has now been extended for two additional years (2011-2012), encompassing the following workstreams:

  • CML registry
  • Molecular monitoring
  • Spread of excellence
  • Path to Cure

Major aims of the cooperation are to:

  • Enhance understanding of the nature and management of CML
  • Optimize treatment of CML patients across Europe
  • Improve standardized evaluation and monitoring of treatments for CML
  • Promote cooperation among hematologists and scientists across Europe with the objective of moving along the path to cure CML
  • Foster continued medical education and spread of excellence on CML and EUTOS

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