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ELN Frontiers Meeting (EUTOS for CML), Vienna, 22-24 October 2010

New benchmarks in leukemia: Focus on CML, AML and MDS

ELN Frontiers meeting abstracts
abstracts, AML, CML, MDS, new benchmarks

Here you can find the slides released for the EUTOS website:↵

Saturday, 23 October 2010, Session 1
Basic science

02_Soverini_What can we learn from SNP-array analysis.ppt
Keywords: SNP-array analysis
03_Martinelli_The use of gene expression profiling in response prediction.ppt
Keywords: gene expression profiling
04_Larson_What can we learn from pharmacogenomics.ppt
Keywords: pharmacogenomics
05_Hasford_How biostatistics can impact interpretation of study outcome.ppt
Keywords: biostatistics, study outcome

Saturday, 23 October, Session 2
The evolution of front-line treatment in CML

07_Saglio_Front-line nilotinib.ppt
Keywords: nilotinib
08_Cortes_Front-line dasatinib.ppt
Keywords: dasatinib
09_Bruemmendorf_Biology of second-generation TKIs.ppt
Keywords: TKI
10_Steegmann_Are there late side effects of TKIs.ppt
Keywords: side effects of TKI
11_Giles_Second-generation TKIs in clinical practice.ppt
Keywords: second-generation TKI
12_Mueller_Case Study.ppt
Keywords: case study

Saturday, 23 October 2010, Session 3
Factors affecting optimal outcome of CML treatment

15_Cervantes_Rosti_Debate - What is the optimal imatinib dose.ppt
Keywords: imatinib
16_Marin_Adherence in CML therapy.ppt
Keywords: CML
17_Apperley_Pregnancy and CML.ppt
Keywords: CML
18_Hughes_CMR - The new gold standard of monitoring.ppt
Keywords: monitoring

Saturday, 23 October 2010, Session 4
The path to cure

20_Hochhaus_The role of IFN in CML therapy.ppt
Keywords: CML therapy
21_Petzer_New developments in stem cell agents.ppt
Keywords: stem cell
Keywords: second-line treatment, second-generation TKI
23_Hehlmann_The concept of cure and the path to cure.ppt
Keywords: CML

Saturday, 24 October 2010, Session 5

28_Hasford_CML epidemiology - the next 20 years.ppt
Keywords: CML, epidemiology
29_Baccarani_The European CML registry.ppt
Keywords: CML registry
30_Mahon_Outcome of the blood level testing subproject.ppt
Keywords: blood level
31_Cross_Standardized molecular monitoring - The key to standardized treatment.ppt
Keywords: molecular monitoring
32_Pane_The spread of excellence.ppt
Keywords: EUTOS, CML management

Saturday, 24 October 2010, Session 6
ELN recommendations and new anti-leukemic agents

34_Buechner_The new AML management recommendations on behalf of the ELN.ppt
Keywords: AML
35_Sanz_The new APL management recommendations on behalf of the ELN.ppt
Keywords: APL
36_de Witte_The state of the art in the treatment of the MDS.ppt
Keywords: MDS
37_Valent_Current approaches to the treatment of systemic mastocytosis.ppt
Keywords: mastocytosis
38_Reiter_JAK inhibitors in myeloproliferative disorders.ppt
Keywords: JAK inhibitors
39_Giles_News on histone deacetylase inhibitors.ppt
Keywords: histone deacetylase inhibitors

The Management of CML: Current treatment paradigms and future perspectives
Policlinico Universitario, Naples, 17 -18 May 2010

The Management of CML: Current treatment paradigms and future perspectives

Naples, May 2010
Naples, May 2010

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