Organizational structure

Project structure

Lead investigators are:

The aim of this proposal is the integration of 50 European leukemia laboratories to

  • establish molecular monitoring of residual disease according to standardized methods,
  • optimize early detection of kinase mutations, including new very sensitive techniques,
  • translate the obtained data into clinical application.

At least one laboratory per country or region should participate to serve as a national reference laboratory. Most of the participants have a longstanding cooperation across Europe and cooperate within the European LeukemiaNet. These participants are complemented by the integration of partner groups located in Australia and in US.
A prerequisite of European harmonization of molecular monitoring is that, beyond reaching a critical mass, virtually all leukemia study groups are apt for full implementation. The European LeukemiaNet provides a unique opportunity to distribute and test standards in the different branches of leukemia diagnostics including molecular monitoring and analysis of mechanisms of treatment resistance. This investment is highly cost-effective, reshapes the European infrastructure and achieves long lasting sustainability and added value.

Laboratories in the standardization process to Complete Molecular Response

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

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