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Clinical objectives

  • to further develop and validate a comprehensive prognostic model which allows to optimise individual treatment choices
  • to develop and validate in particular a prognostic model for treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibitors
  • to evaluate the sequelae of discontinuation of treatment after major or complete molecular response (MMR/CMR)
  • to evaluate the mechanisms and sequelae of tyrosine kinase inhibitors failure
  • to assess the type, frequency and sequelae of other cytogenetic abnormalities
  • to assess the type, frequency and sequelae of BCR-ABL point mutations
  • to evaluate type, frequency and duration of complete molecular response
  • to evaluate survival outcomes in patients treated with tyrosine kinase inhibitors

Epidemiological objectives

  • to collect baseline-, treatment- and outcome data of representative samples of CML patients of all European countries
  • to estimate the incidence of CML stratified for age, sex and region
  • to evaluate the medical management of CML-patients using the ELN recommendations (JCO 2009) as reference

General objectives

  • Provide a clear epidemiological picture of CML and patient treatment and outcomes and to identify demographic and geographic variations
  • Promote understanding of how patients are treated in real life — outside of the trial setting — and their outcomes
  • Evaluate quality-controlled outcomes and implementation of ELN recommendations
  • Develop a comprehensive prognostic model to optimize treatment
  • Create data of high scientific value for publication

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