Work plan

Work plan for Spread of Excellence

The following measures are planned:

Reprints of publications


The regular already existing ELN newsletter targeting ELN members and the wider hematologist community will be extended by one/two pages focused specifically on CML and items related to the four subprojects of the alliance (e.g. reports that include all relevant information from the subprojects, summary of the practical and technical information, relevant website addresses, summaries of CML data presented at recent hematology meetings, highlights of recent key CML publications). The newsletter will be published half-yearly.

Dedicated portal website

A dedicated EUTOS for CML website has been established from the existing ELN website with links to other sites of interest such as the Novartis website. This portal website is subdivided into separate areas for each of the four EUTOS for CML subprojects. The area of the site dedicated to the Spread of Excellence is a repository for useful materials and presentations related to the different EUTOS/ELN events.

Exhibition booth

Exhibition booths at key congresses provide an opportunity to continue raising the profile of the EUTOS for CML project amongst the healthcare community. They provide a place for:

  • meeting experts in the field to discuss the management of CML
  • demonstrating available resources supporting the project including the website
  • providing physicians with reprints of relevant publications to support their education
  • highlighting key clinical data

Key international congresses included the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH), the Annual Meeting of the European Haematology Association (EHA) and the Annual Meeting of the German Society of Hematology and Oncology (DGHO).

Scientific and educational meetings

One to three meetings per year at selected key congresses and meetings together with the ELN will be organized. Content will focus on scientific questions being addressed by the four subprojects.

Following a list of educational/scientific events organized by ELN/EUTOS collaborations in 2011:
Events with sessions dedicated to EUTOS for CML and its subprojects:

  • ELN meeting, Heidelberg, February 1-3
  • International CML-Workshop, Mannheim, July 1-3
  • ELN Frontiers, Berlin, October 7-8

Events based on EUTOS for CML subprojects:

  • Naples Fellows Days for young haematologists, Naples, May 16-17
  • EUTOS molecular monitoring working meeting, London, June 12

Publication plan specific to ELN-related projects

The objective is to publish scientific results by the four subprojects and editorials in high impact journals. This cannot be determined in detail due to uncontrolled influence.
Further publications:

  • updated ELN recommendations
  • scientific bulletins focused on a specific scientific topic related to the management of CML to supplement the existing ELN recommendations
  • local articles
  • PR activities (press releases)

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